7 Reasons your business needs a mobile app in 2019


Ovwighose Marykate By Ovwighose Marykate


March 11, 2019


What is prominent in the mind of every business owner is how to leverage opportunities to gain business growth. Let’s face it, any business without a plan for growth is heading for death/decline. And the digital space is one major opportunity that businesses have leveraged and are leveraging for business growth.

it has opened businesses to multi-channels of communication from just having a business page to having a static website, to having a mobile app which is all meant to increase customer service and sales growth.

Just like having a website is not a debatable fact,  here’s why having a mobile app is just as important, or maybe even more. 

In 2015, mobile web traffic surpassed desktop for the first time, and in 2018 up to 70% of web traffic came from mobile. Researchers say consumers spend over 5 hours a day on their smartphone, and that time isn’t spent looking at the physical features of the phone but on apps, there are apps for watching videos, shopping online, chatting with friends, playing games making calls and even listening to music. Statistics have proven that the mobile industry is a goldmine for business development and advancement that every business should leverage.

Here’s a case study:

Freeman Co provides a variety of services related to trade shows and other events. They had a problem and saw an opportunity. First in the difficulty in navigating trade shows as an attendee, and how complex it is trying to juggle all the logistics as an exhibitor. Also, Freeman Co.’s exhibitor customers often complained about the long walks to the service desk to report problems, the lengthy post-show checkout process and the lack of timely access to freight information, and this led to a decrease in customer services and low employee motivation, they saw both a problem and an opportunity.

Freeman Co launched its app Concierge Elite, which solved their issues and added new business opportunities to the company, their payoff, has been “huge” in terms of customer service delivery and business growth.

Still on the fence? Here are 7 reasons your business need an app.


Customer service is the foundation for every business success, statistics show that 60% of mobile coupon users say they will gladly switch brands to use a coupon. You can use customer loyalty programs in your app, like coupons, rewards, discounts, etc. that excites customers to increase customer service.

Also, with your business’s mobile app, you can keep in contact with your business even when offline (based on the functionality of your app).  Having your customers aware of your business, and its services every day is a huge business success.

mobile-presence statistics


Starbucks is one company that has increased customer communication from their app through their loyalty programs. Starbucks Rewards lets you earn stars with every purchase from your mobile app, that can be redeemed for free drinks or food, you get 2 stars for every $1 you spend on most purchases.

With this strategy, you can build your communication with customers and engage with them in real time, and using statistics gotten from customer buying behaviour to communicate effectively with their customers.


Having a mobile app is another way your business can increase profit. With your mobile app, you don’t have to depend on when your customer stumbles on your business through search engines or from ads before they purchase from you. They can have access to you anytime with their phone, anytime and at any location.

You can also use promotions, push notifications, etc. to put your brands and product in front of your users, increasing customer retention and ultimately sales.


Being the first to have a mobile app is a huge win for your business as it can give you an edge over your competitors. 28% of small business owners choose having a competitive advantage as their primary reason for developing an app.

Even when you are not the first in the market, developing an app with strategic and unique features can also give you a competitive edge over competitors


Having a mobile app can significantly decrease your advertising cost. With frequent updates on new products or services, you can constantly keep your user updated and aware of your new offering to the market. You can keep your customers updated through push notification or new product alert from your app, making your business stand out.


By integrating a payment platform on your mobile app, customers can purchase your products easily from their phone. Removing a lot of barriers that might limit your customers from purchasing your product. For an e-commerce store, you can set up reminders for customers who leave their cart without paying.


With consumer behaviour rapidly changing, having insights on the behaviour of your customer in real time is a gold mine. Now, Technology has made it super easy to collect records. You can track user engagement, how users are interacting with your product offering. And also know which products your customers are interacting with more and which product are having little or no interactions with customers. This result can help you determine which product are more customer oriented.

app statistics

Other Benefits of Having A mobile app

The possibility of what you can do with and what you can benefit from having an app is endless. You can get several other benefits for developing an app.

  • You can get feedback from your customers
  • Provide more value to your customers
  • Build a stronger brand
  • Build your brand’s community by integrating a community feature in your app
  • You can analyze and fine-tune marketing campaigns in real-time
  • Develop an extra source of income with ads on your app
  • Have location data, which you can use to learn when and where customers interact with your product


If you want to build an app, your next question should be how will my app be developed? And what features will be in my app? You can start by listing out all the ideas and features you think will make your app stand out. If you are having difficulties, you can book a call with our mobile expert and he will guide you through the app development process and help make your business even more successful.


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